Commercial Services

Premier Cleaning & Restoration, Inc. offers an exceptional level of commercial cleaning and restoration services.  Whether you own an office building, a restaurant or an apartment complex, we have the know-how and the manpower to get the job done!  

Our talented staff have had extensive training in cleaning and utilize the utmost discretion.  Cleaning personal spaces, such as offices, apartments, locker rooms, and restrooms require an unparalleled level of trust.  Whereas some organizations may simply march right through someone's personal space or handle belongings in a very impersonal way, our employees are trained to show respect and courtesy.

In addition to courtesy, Premier Cleaning & Restoration, Inc. feels that communication acts as a crucial element in the process.  Maybe you need a space with sensitive equipment, such as computer servers, cleaned.  Do you have any special requirements for that process?  Will we need to avoid using certain types of products around your equipment?  Will we need to identify any safety concerns?  Prior to cleaning or executing any restorative services, our staff will take the time to discuss the property and your needs, so we can do the best job possible!


Here are a few examples of commercial services and commonly cleaned commercial spaces:

kitchen exhaust hood cleaning
stripping and waxing
scrubbing and degreasing
pressure washing
board rooms
special event locations
computer server rooms
rental properties
post-construction cleaning
truck fleet pressure washing