Custom Services

Premier Cleaning & Restoration, Inc. offers a variety of custom cleaning options.  Maybe your organization has an evening schedule.  We will send our crews in during the day, so your venue smells clean and refereshing whenever your employees arrive.  We have crews working around the clock to meet our clients' needs.  Perhaps your business revolves around priceless artifacts, sensitive computer equipment or collectibles.  Before cleaning, we will discuss which cleaning techniques are appropriate in and around these objects.  We will then, of course, use the utmost care when cleaning the area.  How many times has salt found its way onto your office carpet, in the winter months?  How does one even get salt out of a carpet?  Don't worry!  We know all of the tricks to keeping your carpet in tip-top shape!

No matter what level of customization you require, we can provide you with the exceptional service and skill required to get the job done!


Here are a few examples of custom services and locations:

seasonal cleaning
green cleaning