Flooding Services

Natural flooding often occurs without warning. It causes significant property damage to homes and businesses. Structural elements, walls, floors, personal belongings and furniture can also be damaged. Burst pipes, excessive rainfall, improper drainage, broken appliances, sewer line backups can also cause flood damage to your property.

Regardless of the reason for the flood, it's imperative that property owners contact a flood damage restoration professional right away. Only flood damage restoration technicians have the training and experience to properly diagnose and treat flood water damage in a home or business. Performing an appropriate cleanup not only restores a property to its original condition but also restores your peace of mind.

Here are the steps we take when addressing a flooded property:



Premier Cleaning and Restoration technicians enter the facility and immediately perform an initial assessment, identifying flood entry and access points. Technicians will work to contain the flood, taking steps to prevent further entry and further damage to your facility.


Identification and Categorization

After containing the flood, we need to identify and categorize the type of flood materials and any indigenous materials present. Different types of contaminants create different obstacles throughout the cleaning and restoration process. The types of materials already present, such as carpeting, drywall, paint and insulation, require specific types of treatment. Only after properly identifying and categorizing each unique situation, should the cleaning process occur.


Cleaning and Restoration

Once the preliminary work comes to a close, we arrive at the bread and butter of what we do - cleaning and restoration.

Floods require special training to properly abate. Waterborne contaminants can not only cause significant property damage but can also cause health hazards, as well. Diseases such as typhoid fever, cholera and hepatitis A, can all be carried by flood water. In addition, flood water can lurk in precarious location, such as within the concrete blocks of a building's foundation.

Fortunately, Premier Cleaning and Restoration has the equipment and expertise to safely remove flood water and restore a property to its original condition. We have employees trained and certified in Water Damage Restoration. We also use specialized equipment, such as industrial-grade water pumps, dehumidifiers and heat dryers. We use environmentally-friendly solutions, whenever possible, to remove mold, mildew, noxious odor and water stains. In essence, if you need a reliable flood cleaning and restoration service, Premier Cleaning and Restoration should be your vendor of choice!