Residential Services

Premier Cleaning & Restoration, Inc. offers a variety of residential cleaning services to home owners and apartment renters.  We offer top to bottom pet odor neutralization services, carpet steaming services, tile refinishing and exterior pressure washing, just to name a few.  

One key component Premier Cleaning offers is knowledge.  For example, if you bought a cleaning product with the chemical component "Naphthalene," would you use it on your living room carpet, where your child plays?  We sure hope not!  The Center for Disease Control warns us that Naphthalene, though found in many common cleaning products, can offer potentially carcinogenic results.  Other products can clean well, while maintaining a high level of child safety.

Premier Cleaning treats every residence as though it's our very own.  We use take great care in preparing areas for cleaning, cleaning those areas to the best of our ability and replacing materials as they were before we began.  The cleaning process should not disrupt your home.  It should enhance it.


Here are a few examples of residential services and commonly cleaned residential spaces:

carpet scrubbing and steaming
stripping and waxing
furnace duct and dryer exhaust cleaning
pet odor and stain removal
living rooms
laundry rooms
play rooms