Why Hire Us

Why should you choose Premier Cleaning & Restoration, Inc. over other cleaning companies? Every client inevitably asks this question. Although some organizations will focus on price or speed, both of these present setbacks. Is a slightly lower bid worth an inadequate job? Would you prefer a vendor cut corners in order to save time? We prefer to focus on the following three areas when comparing our company to others:


Over 25 years in the cleaning industry has taught us a great deal. With many clients, we can walk onto the property and immediately identify potential issues that other cleaning and restoration companies failed to see. Do you have mold in your walls? Did the previous vendor use chemicals that contaminated your garden? Sometimes an experienced eye can mean the difference between a successful cleaning job and an exceptional one.

Customer Service

Our years of experience have not only taught us property-oriented skills but have helped us become skilled in customer service. We make every attempt to maintain a healthy line of communication, so customers know we are attentive to their needs. We also offer incentive programs and value-added services, giving clients a better bang for their buck. Finally, we believe in establishing a relationship - not a simple pay-per-service model. This allows us to establish a high level of trust between our company and our client.


Chemical reactions, environmental friendliness, weather conditions - the amount of information required to clean and restore a property will overwhelm just about anyone. With so many factors contributing to the notion of having a clean and healthy environment, it can be hard for most property-owners to keep up. With Premier Cleaning & Restoration, Inc., you don't have to worry. Our skilled technicians are not only trained in the art of cleaning and restoration but they have also attended extensive training sessions regarding some of the more technical aspects of treating different surfaces. This ensures an exceptional level of knowledge and service.