Why Hire Us?


As a family-owned organization, we focus on many things that some organizations may not. First of all, we believe that all clients deserve an appropriate level of respect. When our trained professionals arrive to assess a situation, they act as professionals. They respect our client's property, any personnel that may flow through the area, and they respect any customers they may encounter. We also believe in the human factor. Whereas some organizations treat their clients as though they're simply a number, we treat them how we would prefer to be treated. We take the time to explain what we plan to do, offer any options that may be available, and outline what the client can expect. Lastly, we offer a more personal level of customer service. There is no online ticket to file and there is no robot to direct your calls. We prefer good, old-fashioned, human-to-human communication.


Many of our professionals have decades of experience in their craft. Whereas some organizations have a regular flow of part-time staff, we build relationships and encourage loyalty. This stability fosters more reliable work and a more reliable work ethic. Building on this loyalty, we take the time to insure that our professionals receive a comprehensive level of training and receive certifications for the tasks they will be responsible for. Education, understanding, and knowledge can mean the difference between using the appropriate cleaning products and using products that will degrade fine materials over time. The last thing any business wants is to hear that their favorite Oriental rug has faded.


At the end of the day, the evaluation tool is simple. Is your business environment back to normal after the catastrophe. Do the countertops shine, as though they were brand new? Does the carpet feel soft and fluffy? Is the kitchen free of grease and odor? We take pride in our work and if we don't meet these simple expectations, we work until we do. Seeing that positive end-result tells us that not only have we finished our task but we can take pride in the work we've done.