Water Repair & Restoration

Water Repair & Restoration

Don't wait until days after a flood! Call Premier today!

Water damage can be a nightmare. It rots wood, it creates an environment where molds can flourish, and it can be difficult to control. As you struggle to address the disaster in front of you, the first thing you need to remember is to call the professionals. Call Premier Cleaning & Restoration, Inc.!

Our expert team will address the situation and immediately jump into action, before any additional damages can occur. We will address potential safety issues, respond with speed and precision, and consult you throughout the process. Each day, we see home and business owners, such as yourself, struggling to deal with a disaster. You need not endure this burden alone. We are here to help! Let our trained and certified professionals, give you the peace of mind you need.

When you call us, we follow our 6 step Water Restoration Process:
  1. Site Assessment: After you contact us, we immediately dispatch an assessment crew to the scene. The assessment team will evaluate the situation and begin the restoration process.

  2. Secure the Site: After assessment, our team immediately jumps into action, securing the site to prevent any additional damages. This can involve boarding up window spaces, taping off off areas with debris, and covering areas that may be exposed to the weather.

  3. Water Removal: Flood and storm water must be removed immediately, to prevent any additional damages. Wood can warp, mold can develop, materials can stain, and odors can hover in the area.

  1. Debris Removal: In order to address structural concerns, we must immediately remove all of the loose debris in the area and establish a safe area to work from.

  2. Clean-up: With damages under control, and a safe environment established, the cleaning process can begin. Walls are scrubbed, damaged carpeting is removed, and fumigation begins.

  3. Repair & Site Preparation: After clean-up has occurred, damages must be repaired and the site must be prepared for renovation. Premier Cleaning will work with contracting crews to insure that the site meets code specifications and is properly prepared for renovation.

Common Water Damage:
  • mold and mildew
  • unpleasant odor
  • warped floor boards
  • damaged tiles
  • damaged drywall
  • damaged electronics
  • laying sediment
  • slippery conditions
  • broken glass
  • laying debris
  • hanging & falling debris
  • exposure to elements
  • external property damage
  • damaged piping
  • damaged wiring
  • lost personal belongings